Upgrade to world's first single-screen
HRIS, without displacing your existing
HR apps and custom workflows

Our universal data model allows you to keep your data private and secure,
while embedding AI across your HR Tech stack

$ 1-5 Mn

in savings


transition months saved


in productivity

Globally recognised team by outstanding clients

Are you a mid-market entity that has acquired single point HR solutions as you grew? Or are you an enterprise with an ageing HRMS and a multitude of custom apps/workflows built around it?

That is a lot of disconnected apps with independent interfaces and data, resulting in low employee adoption, limited insights, and low ROI.

Existing solutions require you to move all your data and tribal workflows to a generalist all-in-one HRIS platform and will need you to rewrite your tribal workflows.

We can help fix that.

On-the-fly secure API integration to any HR Tech app

Designed as a simple chat screen, made for all users

Continue to own your data

Insights powered by generative AI

Here’s how it works:

Analyse your existing HR Tech tools or legacy HRMS

Finish required API integrations to prepare the interface your employees will love

Analyse your full picture with our analytics powered by generative AI

Free up time and resources that you are currently spending on

Get your HR team the partner
they need to reinforce your HR Tech

State of HR Tech 2023

Excerpts and insights from our discovery discussions with HR professionals and leaders on HR tech pain points and needs.

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    How does a single screen HRIS benefit us?

    Ease of use: A single screen HRIS allows your employees to access all HR-related information and tools in one easy-to-use interface, removing multiple sign-ins, reducing confusion, and improving user engagement. No more juggling multiple systems or screens.

    It also streamlines processes, automates tasks, and saves time, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity for both employees and HR professionals.

    Real time analytics: Real-time data and analytics on the screen enable data-driven decision-making and identification of areas for improvement. This improves visibility and feedback process for your team, and decision making for your managers and HR professionals.

    Why should we choose you over other products?

    We are the world's first single screen HRIS that doesn’t displace your existing HR apps or custom workflows while you upgrade to a modern AI enabled interface. We abstract multiple HR apps into one platform for streamlined processes, with capability to unify siloed data from multiple systems for better decision-making.

    Can you customise the application for us?

    Yes, the app can be tailored to fit the specific needs of your organisation. This could include customising the system's interface, adding or removing features, or configuring workflows to match your unique HR processes and policies. For example, if your company has a unique performance evaluation process, we can customise to match that process and automate certain aspects of it.

    We can integrate with your existing systems, allowing for a more seamless transition and minimal disruption to your HR processes.

    How do you upgrade our HRIS without displacing existing HR apps or custom workflows?

    Through our deep tech recipe of universal UI, data models, and AI layers. We offer you a single screen chat interface for everything HR.

    The typical employee ends up using as many as 14 apps to get work done and handles an average of 295 messages each workday. (Wrike, 2022)
    Most Enterprise respondents indicate that all-in-one HRMSes have 47%​ functionality gap and 45% reporting gaps​. (Sapient Survey, 2023)

    Struggling with broken HR systems?